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Updated: Apr 19

Gaming is one of India's fastest-growing new industries, with a 38% growth rate in 2019–20. During this time period, the industry generated $1.5 billion in net revenue. The Indian gaming industry has recently surpassed the United States in terms of user base, exceeding 300 million. The Indian gaming market is dominated by mobile phones, with phone-based gaming apps accounting for 86 % of total gaming apps in 2021. Internet affordability and rising smartphone adoption in the country point to promising future prospects for the business.

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The primary growth drivers for gaming in India

While the desire for virtual entertainment is driving the increase in gaming, other significant growth drivers include:

1. Smartphone penetration: With the introduction of more gaming-friendly devices and higher processing capabilities, the use of smartphones has increased. For example, in the previous five years, the RAM in mobile cellphones has increased three to four times.

2. Affordable internet: As a result, around 46 percent of the country's population is an active internet user, which has resulted in extensive internet use among users.

3. India's young demographic:- With 42 percent of the population under the age of 25 and 67 percent in the working class (ages 15–64), India has a huge demographic advantage. Demography is seen as a primary driver of growth in the gaming business.

4. Increasingly sophisticated games with a shorter learning curve: India has always been at the forefront of current sophisticated games, Indians have a shorter learning curve than Chinese players when the same games first became available online.

India's gaming sector is on the rise

Gaming is India's fastest-growing entertainment industry, has resulted in a large number of employment openings. The country is home to about 15,000 game developers (2021). In early 2010, numerous foreign firms, including Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, and Zynga, established gaming development centres in India and fostered multiple gaming developers such as - Hyperlink InfoSystem, L&T Infotech, NGFT etc. Investors are drawn to the Indian gaming boom, with platforms that offer casual genres being the main priority, with over 88 percent of all Venture Capitalist (VC) money invested in that genre.

With fast digitalization and change, expanding internet usage, and rising smartphone penetration, the Indian gaming industry is poised for tremendous growth. With huge corporations like Reliance aiming to enter the sector to create India's first local triple- A game, the country's gaming industry is expected to reach $5 billion by 2025.

This dramatic surge in gaming has boded well for the individual content producer business, contributing to its expansion like- Ajey Nagar, Aaditya D. Sawant, Chetan Changude, Harnit Khatri, etc. With over 100 million active users on YouTube gaming in India, a new stream of revenue has developed. The increase in monetisation, combined with the explosion in YouTube gaming, boosted the surge in mobile gaming in India.

There will be a huge increase in the number of movies released worldwide in 2022. So, the biggest trend we expect to see is a lot more games based on movie franchises. Gaming has a history of adapting films, and gamers are attracted by such games. Even if many modern games are influenced by movies, they are all distinctive in their own way, and we expect them to grow in the next years.

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EDGE: A budding platform

With such aspiring gamers, the Pearl Academy (India's premier design, fashion, business, and media institute) has launched an initiative called "EDGE," which offers best-in-class international certificate programmes in Animation, Visual Effects, Game Development, and Virtual Production.

EDGE programmes prepare students to be the future generation of digital artists in the fields of animation, game development, visual effects, and comics. The programmes provide learners with not just today's but also tomorrow's abilities and are taught by a global team of industry veterans.

EDGE-Trazos courses are co-delivered in collaboration with Trazos, Spain's No. 1 Animation school. Animation with Autodesk Maya, compositing with NukeX, and visual effects with Houdini are among the courses available. Masterclasses from the world's top digital artists from Europe and the United States will present special interactive sessions with leading animators, illustrators, concept and visual effects artists who have worked on some of the most recent global blockbuster films. EDGE also provides three-month Bootcamp courses in computer graphics, Unreal Engine, and motion graphics.

Its aim is to lead global education in Creative Digital Technology, as India's animation, gaming, visual effects, and comics sector expands at a breakneck pace. In 2021-22, India's animation and visual effects industry will grow by a whooping 56%, while gaming will grow by 45%. As India emerges as a new global hub for digital production, the industry is on the lookout for highly experienced and internationally recognised creative digital artists thereby capable of creating cutting-edge unique content.

C B Arun Kumar, a National Award-winning veteran of the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) sector, joins EDGE as Academic Director. Dr. Nalin Mehta, an award-winning journalist and political scientist from India, is the President of EDGE.

During the introduction, Dr. Nalin Mehta, President of EDGE, stated, "The AVGC sector in India is rapidly increasing and is expected to reach $43.9 billion by 2024. As India emerges as a new global hub for digital production, the industry is yearning for more qualified and internationally recognised creative artists. EDGE, in collaboration with its worldwide partners, is ready to generate some exceptional talent capable of exceeding expectations and contributing to the expansion of this industry."

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